SCORM Adopter

SCORM Adopter– the next level up from being SCORM conformance is for a product to be a SCORM adopter. A product must be SCORM conformant before it can be considered to be a SCORM adopter. The logs that result from a passing test in the ADL Conformance Test Suite are submitted to ADL (see the SCORM Adopters page for more information) and if found to be correct, the product is labeled as a SCORM adopter in the SCORM Adopter Product List (for a particular version of SCORM).

In the elearning, we evolved along with the SCORM standard from scorm 1.2 to scorm 2004. We are capable of converting any non-scrom course to a scorm compatible one, as such volume of the course and the turn over time doesnt matter for us. We are highly experienced in this field with numerous development of scorm courses in our project and product catalogue. Also we are one of the earliest scorm adopter when it is introduced. Check out in this Excel, row number 33 for our company name.

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