HTML 5 development
A difference between using HTML 5 authoring tool & Custom HTML 5 content development with WHBS

When the solution providers are using various authoring tools available in the market to produce HTML 5 content, they will add up the license cost of the application in addition to the development cost

Also, when you go with authoring tool development, some bugs will creep and we need to look out for their forums continuously. Upgradations/updations in the application has also to be done periodically

Even doing all the above mentioned, after some period, citing technology advancement, they will phase out the previous versions of the application and release new versions atleast once in a year. The solutions providers has no way to use one version of the application for atleast 2 years continuously

Most authoring tools provides only 3 or 4 different UI options for responsive designs and they are not dynamically programmed

Course navigation which is backbone of learning pedagogy cannot be made attractive in authoring tools, because they provide standard navigation tools

Some authoring tool squeeze the content inside their players and resize the player only in different devices rather than dynamically resizing the content irrespective of the devices viewed.

All the above shortfalls can be easily overlooked when you choose custom HTML 5 content development with White House Business Solutions P Ltd., WHBS once in its glories days of custom flash content development, foreseen the short life period of Flash content and animations way back when iOS became popular. And as of now, with mobile learning in its peak and in almost saturation stage, flash faded away. WHBS started HTML 5 content in year 2012 and tried few authoring tools in the market to cater customer needs. But since the customer requirements are poetic and pragmatic, after learning its lessons, WHBS started custom HTML 5 responsive content with its core HTML 5 team and delivered the contents for the customers Unipro & SMR HR.

WHBS provides HTML 5 content development services in both ways, using authoring tools like Articulate storyline, Adobe captivate and Lectora, and also custom HTML 5 development using native tools of CSS and javascript. Using native development tools, WHBS provides interactive custom HTML 5 content development which will be intuitive and pedagogical driven supported with other facilitating tools.